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June 20, 2007

A real-life Tardy in the harbour

When our friends were staying with us the other week we watched a lot of "Greg The Bunny", and Tardy The Turtle developed into one of our favourite characters - even if I still can't do an impression of him despite a lot of trying.

(You can watch some of the best of Tardy in this YouTube compilation of clips)

Once our friends left, we were a bit at a loss as to what to do, and so on Friday we found ourselves wandering rather aimlessly around town.

We ended up sitting on one of the benches by the harbourside facing out at the lighthouse for a bit, and then just as we were about to leave we saw a real live Tardy the Turtle in the harbour.

It was the best view of one of them that we've seen since we got to Crete. It swam around for quite a bit and surfaced a few times. You might just be able to make it out in the bottom left-hand corner of this photograph.


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