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May 11, 2007

The worst advert in Chania

The "Klik Fun Pub" in the old harbour is still advertising itself with the worst marketing slogan ever.


Surely the've missed the "But we do have something decent" off of the end here?

Even the fact that the reverse of this flyer promises free entrance and a free shot wouldn't see us dragged kicking and screaming into Klik.

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Been there M&C and it's not at all bad. Lots of Scandiwegians if that's any excuse - maybe they don't read the ad in quite the same way as a native English speaker does.

Are you sure this isn't an advert for The Bell?

Klik is actually the best club there is in Chania! The slogan is very sarcastic.. And as I remember it, there is a sign outside that says the same.. except it ends with: connecting people..

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