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May 15, 2007

That's not BERTINA you are drinking

You'll know that I had to supress a Finbar Saunders style fnarr every time I walked passed the Vergeiner wine warehouse in Niederalm.


Well, I had a similar experience the other night when I was trying out a few different varieties of Greek beer to impress our forthcoming visitors with.

To those of you with no knowledge of the Greek alphabet, this might look like a perfectly innocent can of beer, called, perhaps, something like BERTINA.


But, turning the can round to the English alphabet side - you'd find out you were wrong. Very wrong.


Oh, I know, I know, sniggering at rude words is very childish - but don't they check these things first?

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on Greek beers - if you can find it try the all time favourite - Fix - recently re-introduced it is a very good lager for Cretan evenings

Vergina in greek is pronounced ver-yEE-nah, not ver-jI-nah

and some info about Vergina: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vergina


Someone in the office suggested that it should be served in a furry cup ;)

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