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May 24, 2007

Road Trip Day #1: Getting the music right

0009a An important part of our road trip was getting the music right for driving.

Once we knew our car was going to have a cassette deck in it, we bought one of those adapters that allow you to play your iPod through the car stereo.

Actually we had a bit of luck when we bought that.

When we went to the cash desk at the big electronics shop near Plateia 1866 to buy it, the barcode wouldn't go through.

The cashier waved it at someone, who ducked into the back to check the price. I clearly heard him shout out "εικοσι τεσσερα", which means €24. However, she obviously heard something else, because she turned around and only charged me eight Euro!

With my retail heritage, in a small shop I would always point out a mistake like this and pay the correct price, but we hate that shop anyway - they were very rude to us when we were trying to buy a DVD machine last year. The trouble is, they have a virtual monopoly in central Chania, so you can't avoid going there.

Anyway, having got the adapter at a bargain price, I then, as I'm sure you can imagine, proceeded to spend hours and hours devising elaborate playlists for in the car.

And spent much of the road trip fiddling around with the iPod.

Much, I'm sure you can also imagine, to Claire's immense pleasure. After all, there's nothing like trying to change gears at a busy road junction in Greece whilst your idiot husband is in the way of the gear stick messing with the EQ controls for the third time in five minutes.

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Cor, day #1 is stretching out a bit...

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