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May 18, 2007

Road Trip Day #1: Getting started

We had picked up the car the night before, so after cramming it full of stuff, bright and early last Monday we set off on our Crete road trip adventure.


Our plan was to hit the New National Road and travel past Rethymno, and then duck inland to check out some of the villages in the interior.


Our first stop was Perama, where we braved a traditional kafenion. We sat outside, so as not to upset them by having Claire inside.

0001b Ordering coffee turned out to be quite a chore. I think it was the first time on Crete where we encountered people with no English at all, so, after I struggled to make myself understood in Greek, I came back to our table and said to Claire. "We are getting some kind of coffee. It might be Greek coffee. Or Nes. Or frappé. With or without milk. And it might have sugar".

In the end I'd almost got it right, but instead of one with a little sugar and one with no sugar, we ended up with a cup with a little sugar and one with lots of sugar.

This trip was obviously going to be fun....

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