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May 10, 2007

John Tierney and Αννα Σινου exhibition

20070507_tierneyposter You might have noticed Papalaz in the comments prompting us to switch off our idiot box and take in some art instead, and we did in fact tear ourselves away from the screen long enough to check out the joint exhibition by John Tierney and Anna Sinou at the old harbourside mosque.

In fact, we went twice.

This wasn't because we were desperately impressed the first time, but we went by it on May day and noticed that the lighting arrangement for the canvasses had been switched on, which really improved our enjoyment.

Both Tierney and Sinou were presenting abstract canvasses, mostly on quite a large scale.

You might recall that John Tierney was part of an exhibition we saw last year featuring 9 artists who lived in Chania.

Of the two, we slightly preferred Anna's, which seemed more organic and pleasing on the eye. Tierney's work was a bit more frantic and aggresive in the choice of colours and technique.


On our second visit the lighting made a real difference. Each canvass was lit from the floor by an up-lighting spot, which brought out the warmth and colour a lot more.

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