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May 02, 2007

Grey day May day

We went down into town yesterday to see what was going on for May day. Here in Greece it is actually celebrated on May 1st instead of being shifted around to the nearest convenient Monday as it is in England.

It isn't so much with the bunting and morris dancing here though - it is rather more serious and political than that.


We caught a bit of a rather intimidating sounding march through town, and then, given the bleakness of the weather, decided to head to the harbour for a coffee.


Sadly for the rest of Greece, their holiday was a bit of a wash-out.

I mean, it doesn't matter much to us, since we are living the Dandy Warhol's dream, and at the moment, every day is a holiday - doubly so when we head out on our road trip on Monday.

However, for anyone hoping to do something in Crete on their day off work yesterday, it absolutely chucked it down.

By the time I got home from town our street had a torrent of dirty muddy water running down it - drainage is optional when there is so little rain and the sun usually dries it out so fast. Luckily for me, several speeding cars made sure that I got properly soaked.

And ironically, after it rained so much yesterday, this morning we had our first water shut-off of the spring.

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