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May 06, 2007

Fishy Sunday

20070508_fishytaverna Last Sunday we decided to try out the fish tavernas in the Nea Hora area of town. This is very much an area for the locals rather than the tourists, and we have been tempted by the gorgeous smell of the food they serve several times.

It didn't quite go as planned though - our first food fiasco for some time.

We got a table on the pavement literally two feet from the beach, and it all started off fine. We ordered beer, and I asked for Saganaki cheese to start and then white sea bream, whilst Claire wasn't having a starter and ordered the mixed seafood platter.

Our plan was to go halvy-halvies with our.

Except that the cheese and the mixed seafood arrived together. So we began to eat, and then gradually I started having my half of the seafood dish, still waiting for the sea bream.

Which didn't arrive.

In the end we came to the conclusion that the waiter must have not heard me. By that time I was reasonably full anyway and not fussed, so we ummed and ahhed about getting another drink, but decided to just head home.

20070708_fishy At which point, rather unexpectedly since it was now an hour since we ordered and at least forty minutes since the starters arrived, my fish suddenly appeared.

Having said that I wasn't really in the mood for it anymore, it was gorgeous, and we soon tucked in.

It was odd though - obviously we didn't get the ordering etiquette right or something.

I guess we'll just have to go back to another one soon and try again :-)

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It is *just* possible that they went out and caught/bargained for the sea bream in question... I'm pretty sure this type of leisurely meal order has happened to me at some point.

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