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May 13, 2007

Blue plants and dead animals in Germaniko Pouli

20070506_blueplants Whilst walking down to the beach near us the other day, we spotted that one of the crops on the way has recently been spray-painted blue, which made it look quite striking in the morning sun.

The blue paint seems not to be the only suspicious substance out in the wild at the moment.

In the last few days we've come across a lot of dead animals.

One, a rat, was definite road kill - but the rest look otherwise unharmed. Just very dead.

Claire has so far seen 4 dead birds, that appear to have simply keeled over in the road. We also got our first glimpse of a Cretan hedgehog - but again one that had just stopped dead in its tracks at the side of the road.

We wonder if some of the pesticides used on local crops is affecting the wildlife, or whether someone has been putting poison out for the stray cats and dogs and also taking out the birds and hedgehogs.

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