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May 07, 2007

And they are off!!!!!!!

20070507_clairecar And so today we embark upon our ten day tour of the island. Well, the Eastern part of it, at least.

The first part of our road trip was accomplished last night - we got the car back to the house.

Claire negotiatied her way through Chania's Sunday evening traffic, which is pretty much as busy and as mental as at any other time, and our holiday vehicle is now safely parked on our driveway. Well, safely if the hand-brake is any good, of course, since it is stranded halfway up the steep hill leading to the back of our building.

We had to laugh when we left and the rental lady said she had given us a special price because we lived local - not the tourist price.

Well, maybe, but it was still exactly the same price she quoted us on Friday before we had mentioned we lived in Chania. And exactly the same price as this evening when she tried to get us to fill in our home address - "no, your proper forever home" - on the forms before we re-iterated we had just literally got the bus down from our house to town ;-)

We are not expecting to be able to update the site in a live news 24 stylee as we go along the tour - although I'm sure you'll hear all about it when we get back.

We will still be publishing things though, as we have a backlog of articles and bits'n'bobs to publish, and Typepad allows you to schedule stuff in advance, but we won't be able to publish any comments you leave until we get back.

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