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April 02, 2007

Testing, testing...1, 2, 3....is this thing on?

20070402_netkey This will be one of the dullest, but most significant, posts published on 'A lemon tree of our own', because, for the first time since we moved in nearly a year ago, I'm actually posting directly from our home in Chania.

You might recall that just before Claire left for Salzburg, after a long struggle, OTE unexpectedly pitched up and finally put a phone line in the house. We'd been given to understand, though, that it would be a line that wouldn't support internet usage.

And we are not exactly on wireless broadband yet - this is dial-up with speeds pushing all of 31Kbps, and I can't move the laptop more than 2 feet away from the phone socket.

Still, thanks to a pre-paid internet access card from FORTHnet which I bought last year in preparation for the first day we were due to have a telephone installed, we are no longer in splendid isolation.

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welcome back. it's good to know you're both back in crete. i'm looking forward to reading more about your life there.

now quick. go to cafe sante and fix their bleedin' webcam please!

happy egg day (or lamb-on-spit day),

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