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April 05, 2007

Our first Cretan culture of the year

20070405_mosque We had to go into town yesterday to do some chores (bank / OTE / tax office etc) and then went to get a frappé by the harbour.

Along the way we stopped in the old mosque to get our first bit of Cretan culture this year.

In the mosque was an art exhibition called "Sarka". The little leaflet we got suggested it covered "notions of life, death, sin and regeneration explored in this series of paintings and photographs", but on the whole the work was much more pleasant and cheerful than that implied.

We didn't catch the name of the second artist involved, but we met one of them, Yelani, who was there. We very much liked two of her canvasses, "Carciofi: what the man gave me" (which was actually a canvas triptych), and "Happy Family".


We are looking for a couple of paintings or prints to finish off our house, now that our furniture has been shipped over, but even though they were a snip at €250 and €350 each, they were still a little out of our price range.

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