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April 29, 2007

KTEL bus dispute in Crete

Now, one of the reasons for deciding to hire a car for our proposed road trip was because we wanted to go to a couple of places that were difficult to get to by bus. However, it turns out it might be wise to steer clear of the buses altogether in Crete at the moment.

You might recall that the bus company in Crete delights in the retro-70s record label name of KTEL, and enjoys a logo that looks like the buses get launched into space somewhere over the bay of Souda.


Well, the KTEL company is made up of two branches. The Western branch runs buses out of Chania and Rethymno, whilst the Eastern branch runs the routes out of Iraklio.

And the two have fallen out.

To the extent that it appears that the Chania bus garage will not let Eastern KTEL buses in after they have journeyed from Iraklio, and the same is happening in Iraklio, where Western KTEL buses are no longer welcome.

We are rather unsure of the origins of the dispute, which apparently has roots going back a couple of years, nor do we know what the overall impact on the bus service will be. On Wednesday, for example, our Western KTEL bus to and from Kissamos-Kastelli was obviously completely unaffected.

The issue has become so serious that the government officials on the mainland responsible for transport have taken time off from overseaing the Sea Diamond sinking fiasco, to mediate in this dispute.

Which didn't get far, as one of the KTEL companies boycotted the meeting.

This one could run and run...

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and the Iraklio buses are not allowed into Rethymno depot either - it's a nightmare

the dispute continues - it's just a saga now Dave

WOW!! Me and 4 friends need to get from Chania to the ferry port in Herklio. I am assuming that when we pull into Ryth that we will not get our connecting bus to heraklio? Does anyone know of a better mode of transport for 5? We need to be there by 0830 the latest.

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