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April 01, 2007

Funny feelings leaving Salzburg

So, I had some quite funny feelings leaving Salzburg on Friday, which has been my home for 6 months.

Although I wouldn't, like Michael Stipe, go as far as to say "Leaving was never my proud", a lyrical aberration which earned him a place in this worst lyrics of all time hall of infamy.


I left the office around about 3pm, booked a taxi whilst walking home, and had ten minutes to make my final preparations to leave the Weinleitner for the last time.

I had to leave quite a bit of stuff behind - some coffee sachets, some cling-film, 2/3rds of a bottle of rum and the travel kettle.

I just didn't have room, and thanks to the stupid hand luggage restrictions although it would be fine to buy a new bottle of rum at the airport if I wished, I couldn't carry my current bottle on board.

As the taxi drove me out of Neideralm I said goodbye to the geese that lived near MaxiMarkt, and the weird water collecting device in the lake at Schloss Anif that looks like an elephant if you squint at it.

On Alpenstrasse I passed the sign for "M. Wanko" which I never got a photograph of, despite planning to from the very first time I saw it.


Before long I had crossed the Salzach and was at the station.

I got a regional train to Munich, rather than the InterCity, since there was more chance I would get a seat as the train originates in Salzburg. I did get a seat, but after a couple of stops it turned out to be a seat near a rabid band of beered up singing ice hockey fans. Ho hum.

My plan was to get to Hauptbahnof in Munich, and get the S8 out to the airport. Then get my hotel's airport shuttle bus back from the airport to the hotel.

It was a mixed success.

I didn't realise it, but prior to reaching the centre of town my train stopped at a more suburban station, and the S8 to the airport also stopped there, and was sitting on the opposite platform. Had I known, I could have hopped off and changed there.

Which would have been a darn sight easier than lugging the worlds heaviest backpack around Munich's busiest station. A nice man from DB helped me buy my ticket to the airport though, so I can't complain too much.

It is a small world as well, especially when you are on your way to the airport. On the S8 the people opposite me were intently studying their London Underground map, whilst next to me in the airport hotel restaurant in the evening a group  were planning their trip to Helsinki - where one of my colleagues had flown home to just the day before.

Salzburg Christmasmarkt

Oh, and my last meal in this part of the world for a while was, of course, the obligatory schnitzel.

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Welcome back to Crete - land of the gods

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