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April 12, 2007

First boot of the season

20070412_firstboot To celebrate the anniversary of moving into our house, instead of staying in the home, we actually went out for dinner.

That might seem a little perverse, but perhaps in the back of our minds was the memory that just after we moved into the house we had a power cut in the middle of me cooking!

Anyway, we wnt back to Konaki restaurant, the first restaurant in Chania we ever had a meal in. They've expanded the open-air area, so we enjoyed our anniversary meal al fresco.

The restaurant is in the area of town where the old synagogue is, and in the background of the picture you might just be able to make out some green iron gates which feature the Star of David, and lead through to a courtyard with some broken Jewish gravestones.

Clearly though, the most important thing was that I got my first beer-in-a-boot of the year!

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