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April 07, 2007

Andreas Georgiadis exhibition at the Chania Municipal Gallery

20070405_andreasthecretan The art has started coming thick and fast, and on Thursday we visited the Chania Municipal Gallery on Halidon to see an exhibition by painter Andreas Georgiadis.

Georgiadis was born in Chania in the late 19th century, and died in the early 1980s. He was proud of his roots and signed his canvasses "Andreas Georgiadis, The Cretan". The exhibition was a career spanning retrospective. Georgiadis was a traditionalist painter, worried that the ravages of modern art would entirely negate the historical skill of putting oil on canvas. To that end, virtually everything on display was a photo-realistic portrait in oils, and I have to say we weren't really impressed.

It is probably my least favourite type of painting, and although the work on display spanned his whole career, it was difficult to see any career progression, or indeed any hint that art had developed any techniques during the 20th century beyond painting people in affected poses.

Of the pieces there was one attempt at an icon of Saint Dimitrious from the 30s, and one painting of Christ from the 40s that appealed, but the rest was very staid and traditional, with pictures of tradesmen and artisans exemplifying their professions by the tools laid out around them in their portraits.


The exhibition has enjoyed an extended run, and will not now close until April the 11th, but I don't think it is one we will be returning to.

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