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April 17, 2007

28 Days Later

I've been back in Crete 28 days already. Hard to believe, but Salzburg already seems like a distant memory.

Most of Xania is unchanged. All our usual haunts have now opened for the season, and we're slowly making our way through them all again. Just to check that the beer, cocktails and frappe with baileys are as good as we remember!

There are a few new 'high street' clothes shops open (Martin's heart sinks). And H&M has opened it's first Greek branch in Athens. Hopefully only a matter of time before Hennies brightens the shores of Crete!

Last summer I was in full-time employment, so didn't have time during the day to get involved in the local goings on. Well, all that's about to change. I've now joined the CIC (Cretan International Community), as has Martin (this probably comes as a surprise to him though). This 'community' is made up of ex-pats from all over the world. They are quite clear, though, that they don't want to be a group of foreigners, but want to help each other and newcomers fit into Cretan society.

The group offers advice and support to new arrivals in Crete, and arranges group activities (hikes, cooking classes, evening events etc). Yes, I know, it's not exactly cocktail parties at Tate Modern, but it's a way of meeting people here - so don't knock it. The CIC also holds a coffee morning once a month where you can meet other members. So Martin and I (again, he may not be aware of this or thrilled by the prospect!) are going to our first coffee morning tomorrow.

Also, I've found a yoga class on Thursday mornings. Yes, torturing myself in the name of becoming a local.

Well, as they say, no pain no gain.

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