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March 29, 2007

Where are the other 98?

At the weekend I was in Capp&cino doing some work, when next to me sat a young dad and his daughter - she must have been 4 or 5. Anyway she had a bright red helium baloon, which, as children do, she let go of.

It got stuck on the Capp&cino ceiling, and try as he might, the dad couldn't get it down. Then a kind member of staff produced some kind of extended mechanical grabbing hand that they must use for opening the windowns or something, and he retreived it.

Of course, she didn't learn her lesson, and moments later it was stuck on the ceiling again.

We left at about the same time, and having been rescued for a second time, the girl and her dad were happilly traipsing down Linzerga├če in front of me, red balloon bobbling along with them.

About ten minutes later I was on top of the Kapuzinerberg, one of the hills that Salzburg's old town nestles between, and what should I spy floating away in the breeze. Yep, you guessed it. You can just about make out the red balloon in the top-left hand corner of this picture.


There'll be tears, I thought to myself.

However, once I got back down to the banks of the Salzach, I discovered that it may not necessarily have been her balloon after all - since there was an anti-abortion demonstration at the end of Linzerga├če which was giving away these red balloons to all and sundry.


I did think it was an odd thing to be giving to children though.

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