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March 11, 2007

Vergeiner in Niederalm

VergeinerEvery weekday I walk to work down Sonystra├če. Well, sometimes some kind-hearted soul will pick me up and give me a lift to the Sony complex, but mostly I walk.

So I also walk past an Air Liquide factory where they always seem to be letting off some crazy gasses into the air. It usually looks like either a dry-ice packed set of a 1970s edition of Top Of The Pops, or a mysteriously alien invaded industrial complex from Jon Pertwee's era of Doctor Who.

And next to that is a wine distrubtion warehouse called Vergeiner.

I'll spell that again - Vergeiner

I'm just not sure how to pronounce it....

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It's Fair-GUY-nuh.

And if you can manage to trill your Rs a little, so much the better...

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