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March 18, 2007

Spectacular sporting Saint Patrick's day in Salzburg

(...wow, that is a lot of 's'es)

So I spent a great deal of yesterday firmly ensconsed in The Shamrock watching 6 Nations rugby on the TV, whilst following the football and the cricket on my phone.

20070318_rugby I enjoyed the rugby except for one particularly obnoxious loud-mouthed Welsh guy who was a complete [snip]. In a bizarre twist, the bootleg signal being picked up by the pub's 700 foot wide satellite dish was better for SC4 than it was for BBC One, and so we watched the England - Wales game in Welsh, which made the techical nuances of the game even harder than usual for me to follow.

After it finished I ended up in a different Irish pub for a bit, where I was served beer treated with green food dye especially for the occasion. However, after a while the barmaid realised she had spilled some of the dye on her arm, and it wasn't coming off at all, which didn't really encourage me with the safety of drinking the stuff.

I got back to the Kaiserhof, where I have been staying for a couple of nights, just in time to catch the last couple of balls of Ireland's astonishing win over Pakistan in the cricket world cup.

A good night in the end, but as always, one that would have been much more fun if I had been able to share it with Claire.

Just a fortnight left for me solo in Salzburg now...

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