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March 16, 2007

Salzburg Zoo flohmarkt

Before Claire left to return to the UK we visited Salzburg Zoo on our last Saturday in Austria together - the amin attraction not being the animals this time, but the Salzburg Zoo Flohmarkt. Admission was halved for the day as well.


Sadly, the flohmarkt didn't live up to our expectations, and actually, the one outside the Weinlietner in Neideralm most Saturday's generally has better stuff.


The only really good stall was a book stall, which had a lot of hardback books from the 50s and 60s. My eye was caught by an edition of photographs of Salzburg from the early part of the 20th century, and a fantastic science annual in German from 1957 complete with lots of futuristic diagrams of space-ships and "the future". However, the thought that I'd have to carry them on my back from Austria back to Chania somewhat deterred me from purchasing anything.

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