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March 09, 2007

No Champion's Greed final for me

Champleagueathens_1Well, I found out today that I didn't win a ticket in the lottery to go to the Champion's League final being held in Athens this year.

Oh well.

That means that with Inter and Arsenal having been knocked out of the tournament this week, my only remaining interest is in hoping that Liverpool go further than the MU Rowdies and any teams funded by ill-gotten Russian money. Not, I'm sure, in case any lawyers are reading, that there are any of those in the tournament.

And here's one to watch - what is the betting that Inter's punishment for being involved in the brawl with Valencia, is harsher than the one A.C. Milan received for match-fixing - which, if you recall, was all of being forced to play one qualifying tie instead of going straight into the group stages.

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