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March 24, 2007

Naked modern art in Salzburg

As you are preparing to leave somewhere it is usual to start feeling a bit nostalgic about it all, and think back to when you first arrived and consider what changed.

Well, with that in mind we got a shock the other week when we noticed a significant change on Salzburg's skyline. We were enjoying a farewell champagne open-air breakfast at the Steingasse, as you do, when we suddenly noticed that the modern art museum atop the Monchsberg was, suddenly, how shall I put it....naked!

It used to have writing across the front of it, saying "Inside of and outside of itself"


But suddenly it is gone.

It actually makes what was quite an ugly addition to Salzburg's otherwise impeccable baroque features blend in a lot more.


We approve.

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i was there 2 days ago and, i'm afraid, the sign is back

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