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March 31, 2007

Missing Boney M and Juli

Well, one of the saddest things about choosing today to leave Salzburg and head for the sunny climes of Crete, is that I am missing Oldies Night.


Yep, Boney M, Sweet and Suzi Quatro up there on the Salzburg stage strutting their collective geriatric funky stuff.

We only got to one gig during the whole of our stay in Salzburg - Roia - because there just wasn't much on that we wanted to see, or even to take a chance on seeing.

We've only found two local tracks that we liked enough to find out who they were by and to get hold of them. "Das Zelt" by The Jeans Team and "Dieses Leben" by Juli have been our Austrian rock anthems.

Typically, Juli are playing Salzburg, but after we've both left.


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