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March 21, 2007

"I was quite happy until you started nagging me"

20070319_unhappychinese I went the other night for a meal at the Happy Chinese reseraunt in Salzburg. The food, as ever, was an absolute delight, and they provide the hottest chilli type dressing I've had in Austria, which was all good.

It didn't seem such a happy place though.

Although it was 7:30pm, I was the only customer, and with no music on and the staff skulking in the bar/kitchen area it was a bit disconcerting.

What was weirder though was the slight telling off I kept getting for being busy doing stuff rather than just eating my meal. I was proof-reading some printed articles.

The first time the waitress came up to me she said in a disapproving tone:

"So busy".

The second time I got:

"You never rest?"

By the third time I was right on the defensive, and had put the papers away before she got to the table.

Mind you, if Claire had been there, she would have probably told the waitress she was lucky I didn't have the laptop out - after all, I'm not known as "Laptop bloke" in Salzburg's pubs for nothing.

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