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March 27, 2007

Getting set...

20070325_packing Well, I spent a good part of the last weekend getting set to go. I ticked a couple of things off my final list of things to do.

I went to the station to get my train ticket for Münich, which was no problem. In fact, when I went to the first ticket booth the man told me to go to the German ticket booth instead, as it would be cheaper. I hadn't noticed it before, but Deutsches bahn have a couple of desks there.

One of my colleagues laughed at how unlikely it would be that you could go to Waterloo, and have a member of staff explain to you in fluent French that if you go to the SNCF desk over there your ticket will be cheaper!

On Sunday I started to pack - I've got enough clean clothes for the week and so I can start packing my laundry and spare stuff that I won't be needing. Some stuff is going to have to be thrown away though, I've got two pairs of stinky worn out trainers that are just never going to get to see Greece!

I did get a bit freaked out at one point though - checking one of the empty drawers, for a split-second I thought it had "the numbers" from Lost written on the bottom of it!


It turned out just to be a different set of random numbers though.

I shan't be using them to play the lottery this week of course, just to be on the safe side, you know, what with the flying at the weekend...

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