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February 10, 2007

You've got our snow

Snowinbrum The funniest thing about watching a sprinkling of snow bring the UK to a grinding halt has been musing that you must have the snow that was meant to be making our winter hell over here. We've been in Salzburg over four months now, and still the snow line hovers tantalisingly on the hills around us, but never reaches us.

Why is it such chaos in the UK? Well, obviously because you can't guarantee it will snow year upon year, you don't prepare for it properly. This will be a strange year for Salzburg, as it will be the only time in living memory that putting on winter tyres and driving two metre high polls into the ground with reflecters on top at the side of every road will have been a waste of money. I understand the press over there are berating local councils for failing to prepare properly - though you can bet full well that next year, should no snow arrive, they will be moaning just as loudly about sky high council tax spending on gritting trucks that were never used.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us pictures of Britain under the snow. My favourites online have been this great set of Birmingham in white by Pete Ashton

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