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February 11, 2007

We've booked our tickets back home

The very exciting news this week is that we have both now booked out tickets back to Crete. Claire is going to spend a few days in the UK in early March and then hop over to Chania to get the house all sorted out. It means I'll be living on my own in Salzburg for a few weeks, before I get to go and join her.

It was quite an effort to get flights sorted, but in the end we've done OK, and it wasn't too expensive. Salzburg airport is pretty small and provincial, so instead of going direct, I'll be flying out from Munich the day after my contract here finishes. Most of the flights to Crete from there seem to cost around 600 or 700 pounds, so I was dead chuffed to get one for around 150GBP :-)

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Hello there,
Just moved to Hania a few days ago and found your experiences very helpfull. I am in the process of looking for an apartment and finding it[ as you guys did quite tricky] Any way if you ever want to gether and go out for a meal or something, that would be great. I'll give my phone number, 6943028816.
Yours ,
John Moore

Hi John, nice to hear from your. I'll drop you a line when we get to Crete.

It must be a fantastic feeling to know you're almost on your way home again. Glad both of you have survived the lurgey as well.

Hi Claire, hi Martin,

I'm so happy you're finally moving back to Crete. I look forward to reading more about your experiences there.
Kalo taxidi,

p.s. Martin: as someone who has likely done some tech support, I though you might appreciate the humor in this:

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