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February 04, 2007

We're sick

Prospan It hasn't been a good week in Salzburg this week - we've both been sick. Claire took to her bed as soon as we got back from the UK, and by she Tuesday was so bad that I had to take time of work to get her to the city's hospital. She got prodded, poked, ECGd, X-Rayed and they tested her blood, then said they couldn't find anything wrong with her beyond a common cold. This was news to us, as she was so ill that I had packed her an overnight bag, as we fully expected them to take one look at her and condemn her to night in hospital.

By Thursday I got up OK to go out and get her some more drugs from Anif, but by the time I got back I was coughing and spluttering as well, and so had to take the day off work sick. Nobody thanks you for being ill if you are working on a contract - and no sick-pay either, so you can bet I was in a bad way.

On Friday we were both feeling a bit better, and so I intended to go back to work - but at breakfast one of my colleagues took one look at me and said "Do you really think we want that?" and that was the end of that.

Claire meanwhile headed into town under her own steam to try and find a doctor who could give her some medicine stronger than the bog standard painkillers she was prescribed by the hospital. This time the doctor found out that she did have more than a common cold, and is quite infected with the dreaded lurgee. Which may not be the correct technical term to be honest, but nevertheless she returned to the room weighed down with medicine.

One of the things we have are these groovy herbal anti-cough Prospan things. You put 15 droplets of the stuff into a little bit of water, and then it tastes just like whiskey. I didn't think you were meant to enjoy medicine

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Well get well soon!

I note that you've spent some time redesigning this blog. A satisfying ill-at-home activity?

Hope you get well soon, the pair of you.

I got told off once for using "Lergy" on my an official sick leave form...

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