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February 01, 2007

The door frame changes colour. But why?

Doorframe We rent our room in Niederalm by the month, so although we were in the UK for a couple of weeks during January, we still had the keys to it, and knew it wouldn't be let out to anyone else, which meant we could leave some stuff behind.

Quite a few of my colleagues also rent places in the guesthouse, and when they've been away stuff has been done to their rooms, like new furniture, or in one case a new TV.

We were intrigued to see what might have changed in our room whilst we were away for a fortnight...

...which was nothing.

Including the bedding.

Until we'd been in the room about two days, when we suddenly noticed the one thing that had changed whilst we were away.

Not the bedding. Not the towels. Not the mats in the bathroom. The furniture hadn't been dusted either. But, the door frame had been repainted from green to white!

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