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February 22, 2007

Our religious and cultural ignorance day(s)

Not being particularly religious we have been all at sea as the Lent season comes upon us. Back in Greece apparently it is a time for kite-flying and a national holiday on Clean Monday. In the UK, it was, of course, Pancake day on Shrove Tuesday. And in Niederalm? It was herring day apparently.

Plus a carnival on the streets of Salzburg.

And we missed all of it.

In fact, we have developed quite a lazy streak. On Sunday we fully intended to go into town to catch an ice hockey match. But, come 4 o'clock, given the choice between getting the bus, or just hanging around the Kaiserhof, having food and beer and wifi, well, we just sacked the idea of ice hockey.

Over the weekend in the Kaiserhof they had a big fancy dress party sponsored by one of the political parties in Austria - the SPÖ. We didn't attend, but the party went on into the early hours, and then the next day they had an afternoon fancy-dress event for kids.

Claire did get to see a bit of the main carnival antics in town on Tuesday. When she was in an internet cafe a parade of children in fancy-dress went by that seemed to last forever. However on the Tuesday night we just had a quiet bite to eat in the Weinleitner bar (pizza) and I watched a bit of Champions League footie. You know, I have to follow it now just in case I end up going to the final. But no herring.

The next morning our breakfast was meat-free, as our host explained that it was a fasting day.

Religion, eh?

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Having just read this back, I find myself slightly surprised given my rampant atheism, that I wrote something as gentle as "Not being particularly religious" for the opening paragraph...

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