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February 13, 2007

Our Europark adventure

We've mentioned before that we've kind of run out of things to do in Salzburg, and when we said this to one of my colleague's girlfriend, she said "Yeah, I mean, once you've done Europark, what is left?".

Which was a little embarassing, since we were yet to "do" Europark.

So bright on Saturday morning we headed off to Salzburg's equivalent of Lakeside or Bluewater, for a bit of retail therapy.

It also meant our first trip on a bendy electric Stadtbus, and our first venture through the tunnel under the M├Ânchsburg into the sprawling residential suburban bit of Salzburg. All of which was somewhat less exciting than it sounds. However we did spot the potential to do a pub crawl on the other side of town based on multiple Chinese restaurants. We reckon we can get one dish in each and vist about six of the ones we saw in an evening! We also saw a large Greek restaurant as well, so maybe we'll give that a whirl before Claire heads off.

Europark was exactly what you'd expect - a big shopping centre with all the major chains in Austria. And so we took it in turns to pick shops we liked the look of. I got to play with a laptop with Windows Vista installed on it, Claire got to hang around H&M, and so forth. In fact, despite my previous pledge to boycott H&M on the basis that they once wasted 15 minutes of my life - and I can never get it back - with their excrutiating gun glamourising &denim Romeo and Juliet advert, I ended up buying some t-shirts there.

On the whole though, shopping-wise, it wasn't much of a success. Apart from the t-shirts I got a new bag, as I'll have to give my plush Sony laptop bag back in a few weeks, and my other bag is knackered. We failed though to buy any of the presents we were hoping to find, and by lunchtime we were thoroughly shopped out, so picked up a couple of rolls to snack on whilst we waited for the Stadtbus back, and made our way back to the guest house for a well deserved afternoon nap.

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For a minute I thought you meant Europapark and I got all overexcited! We've been planning to go and I wanted a first hand report!

Check it out:


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