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February 18, 2007

My grown-up purse

Grownuppurse As most of us tend do, with our birthday's looming, we think of the presents we would like to get. With out current nomadic lifestyle, I knew my birthday wishes had to be lightweight and practical, so top of my list, better late than never, was a grown-up purse.

This had become a bit of a joke with the Tower Bridge girls, that I still carried around a tiny leather pouch with my change in and notes folded into eighths, whilst most of my friends had huge wallets filled with grown-up credit cards, driving licences, pictures of their kids and other responsible items.

So, during my window shopping outing on my birthday I spied a grown-up purse.

(Well, almost!)

Finding it was a bargain I asked the shop assistant to keep it aside for Martin to come and buy it for my birthday.

I'm now the proud owner of a nearly grown-up purse.

Even if I still don't have any grown-up items to put in it.

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