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February 03, 2007

In car adverts in Salzburg taxis

Funktaxi8111 We don't generally travel around Salzburg by taxi, usually only to the airport and back. However, we've noticed something really strange about the journeys. Most of the taxis in Salzburg belong to one group - www.taxi.at - and so the cars are similarly equipped.

In most, the fare for your journey is displayed by red LEDs within the rear-view mirror, so it can easily be seen by all the passengers. And the cabs are also equipped with some computerised location system, which is used to switch between tariffs. Journeys within Salzburg are charged at a different rate to those parts of the trip on the outskirts. There also appears to be another tariff for travelling on the mootorway - and we distinguish a good cabbie from a bad cabbie by the ones who ask if it is OK to use the autobahn on the way to the airport, since although it will be quicker it will cost us more.

The thing that most caught our eye though, is that when the geolocation/route-planner device is inactive, it shows text adverts to the customers.

And they obviously know their market well - bored businessmen and stag parties - since nearly every advert is for a strip club or "adult entertainment" joint promising escort girls and, in one instance and I quote, a "(s)exceptional evening".

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What an ingenious taxi company, they certainly know what they're doing. Great report, thanks.

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