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January 27, 2007

Tramp juice at the bus stop

Trampjuice I believe I've mentioned before that the cheap lager I have been buying from Lidl must be the tramp's drink of choice in Austria, since you can get 4 cans of it and still get change from the Euro equivalent of less than a British pound. Assuming that there isn't some kind of fruit schnapps that is stronger and even cheaper which I haven't discovered yet...

Anyway, there seems to be regular proof of the popularity of the foul brew at our local bus stop at Niederalm Sonystra├če. Despite there being a bin for rubbish on the bench, and Niederalm being almost Stepford Wife-ish in the tidyness stakes, almost every time we get the 170 bus into Salzburg, someone has carefully placed an empty can of the noxious fluid on the shelter, studiously ignoring the bin a half-a-metre away.

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This could be because of recycling - this often happens here in Canada. The tins are left out of the trash for someone to recycle (and sometimes receive the deposit). If Austria is like Germany, they recycle an astonishing variety of items...

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