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January 19, 2007

The train seat reservation lottery

One of the things about travelling on trains is that the seat you get is a bit of a lottery. Before boardng my train yesterday from Stonehaven to Oxenholme, I saw from a diagram that my reserved seat was in the aisle without access to an electric socket. So, when I boarded, I quietly found myself a seat next to a window with an electricity supply that was unreserved, and sat there rather than at 50A as planned.

So far, so good. However, when I popped down the train to pick up a coffee, I noticed that had I been sitting in my designated seat, I would have spent the journey opposite a pert hottie with a low;cut top reclining in front of me.

As it was, I spent it sitting in front of a bewhiskered lunatic who occupied himself on the journey from Leuchers to Edinburgh by singing and whistling.

Still, at least I reached my destination. Thanks to the weather Claire's London-bound train only reached as far as Doncaster...

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'pert hottie'??


Are you unfamiliar with the phrase Frankie?

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