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January 21, 2007

Old Ford cars on the way to Salzburg

Along the bus route we get from Niederalm to Salzburg is a massive car dealership called Schmidts. I don't normally pay much attention to car showrooms, but this one has a great display of vintage and semi-vintage cars in it. The Ford dealership has all of the new vehicles on the ground floor, but the first floor is given over to a display of Ford cars through the ages, which appears to include if not an original Model 'T', then one of Ford's earliest motors, as well as some cars that I remember from my childhood like the Capri. There is also a Zephyr, which is, I believe, the model of car that my dad learned to drive in, back, I should imagine, at the turn of the sixties.

Satanglia They also have a Ford Anglia on display, which is from a similar-ish period, and is distinguished by being the model of car whose radiator grill formed a downward curve on the front of the car, making it look like an unhappy face.

I don't know why, but ever since I've been a small kid I've always wanted to own one of these. Quite pointless of course, since I can't drive, and I've got no idea of how you would go about looking after a vintage piece of engineering like that, but nevertheless it has always been one of my unlikely-to-be-fulfilled ambitions.

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