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January 12, 2007

My phone has (finally) re-generated

Doctorwho When I was working at the BBC, in the run-up to the first programme of the newly revised Doctor Who franchise, I got sent a PDF file of the design for the billboard posters that went up around the country. It gave me a chance to cut it down to size and have it as the wallpaper on my phone. And there it stayed, gradually getting more and more out of date, until last week.

For all the time that David Tennant has been playing the lead role, my phone has resolutely stuck with the image of Chris Eccleston as the Doctor, with Billie by his side.

Dr However, just a few days ago, the BBC published the first pictures of the Doctor and Martha in costume in the TARDIS in the right aspect ratio to make it onto my phone. One quick Photoshop edit later, and now my phone is no longer stuck in the Chris'n'Billie era.

Funnily enough though, the phone itself is about to re-generate as well. I just found out that when I'm back in the UK I'll be able to get an upgrade on my phone, which is a rather knackered old Sony Ericsson T610 that I must have had for three or four years.

I won't be getting a bloody Apple iPhone though, which appears to be the only topic of conversation on the internet this week.

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Nokia N73 is recommended, if you like Nokias...

Current brand loyalty, and an interest in checking out how it synched with my current Vaio laptop, led me down the slightly clunky but feature packed Sony Ericsson route

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