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January 20, 2007

Lemon tree update

LittlelemonsThe last I saw of the lemon tree that gave its name to this blog (well, when this blog isn't stuck in Austria dreaming of edelweiss instead ) I was dragging it through our house in Chania. When we knew we were going to be leaving Crete for a period of time we moved it from the front balcony to the back courtyard. Although it gets very hot out there, it did mean that the tree would be more open to some the elements. It would both get any rainful, and also be more sheltered from the wind. Plus it meant our landlord and landlady could occasionally spray it with the hose from their balcony, which overlooks our courtyard.

Well, I don't know if the baby fruit have survived the heavy rainfall Crete had towards the end of 2006, but Claire spoke to our landlady the other week, and she let us know that the tree has really grown and is looking healthy. Hooray for our lemon tree!

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So far it has been a very mild winter and some plants are behaving as though it is spring already - the citrus groves near us are very healthy so you should be optimistic

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A lemon tree of our own

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