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January 18, 2007

A life in storage

Claireinstorage One of the things we are trying to sort out whilst we are in the UK is shipping all of the things we have in storage over to Crete for the summer. Even though we don't have a cast iron plan for the 2007/8 financial year, we do know it would be handy to have everything in the same place. Our stuff has survived pretty well in the lock-up for a year, but some of it is beginning to show signs of damp.

But when we say ship all of it, do we really mean all? First of all we have to round up the diaspora of things like the bread machine, TiVO, guitar and keyboards and Tintin books which were too precious to put into the garage.

And then we have to make some decisions about other things - will shipping my bike be more expensive than buying a new one in Crete? Especially as at the moment I don't know where the keys are to take the lock off? Do we really need the Christmas Tree? Or the vacuum-packed duvet?

The biggest question mark is over the vinyl. I opened one box, and said, "Oh, this is the stuff I wanted to get rid off but couldn't sell, it is rubbish". Then came across one record I am sure I wouldn't have wanted to part with as it was DJing staple. And then another. Uh-oh, I can't tell my "keepsie" boxes from my "unsellable" boxes. That either tells us something about how disorganised I was just before we left, or how much my perception of what I actually need to keep on vinyl has changed.

The plan now is to go through the records again next week, making a list of everything that I want to keep as I re-sort the records. It is surely going to be cheaper to purchase the relevant tracks through iTunes, eMusic etc, than to physically ship the records themselves to Greece.

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Just in case you didn't get my message, it would be great to meet up next week. Give me a call when you're back in London.

and you know you'll regret getting rid of all those Jesus Jones remixes ;)

All you had to do was ask me!
You gave me the key to your bike lock and it is on my key fob - you know the one you've been borrowing whilst you've been in London.
You should know by now, Mum always has the answer!

Man alive, do I EVER understand the feeling of doom engendered by facing a storage locker full of "I-just-couldn't-throw-these-away" things. It's a horrible task.

I remember thinking that if our container sunk to the bottom of the sea, I wouldn't be sad at all, really. I would be strangely free. I wound up thinking that owning things was a bit like getting trapped in treacle - things stick to you, making it hard to move.

In the end, be utterly ruthless. I've saved photos (but with Flickr, this is less important), computer hard-drives, favourite clothes, tools and selected books, but the rest got edited. Two years on, I can honestly say that I've had no regrets about anything I've given away,

We've largely stuck to the don't-collect-stuff regimen, with one major exception: our little boy. The plastic kiddie crap alone nearly fills a room. Foiled again;)

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