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December 14, 2006

The world's worst soft drinks

Worldsworstcoke After visitng the Turmblasen in Schloss Anif, we went on to the Gartenauer hotel in Anif to get a bite to eat. Here, Claire endured the latest in a long-running saga.

On our travels we've encountered several of these runs of comedy bad luck, perhaps the funniest being five-or-so consecutive places where we stayed, where for some reason the light on my side of the bed would never work. Claire's latest is a long run of terrible soft drinks, culminating in the worst Coca-Cola she had ever drunk - which should have been ashamed of being poured into a Coca-Cola branded glass

It started when we went to The Dubliner after our Greek meal, and Claire got an apology of an Sprite. Since then, whether we have been at the Kaiserhof, the Weinleitner or  the Gartenauer, it is like the whole of Salzburg has run out of the gas that should be powering their soft drink pumps.

The following night Claire decided that enough was enough, and to go back on the red wine!

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