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December 11, 2006

'The final "F#&$ Chelsea!" was probably uneccessary'

M_law We watched the Chelsea-Arsenal match in Murphy's Law on Sunday, and during the course of it Claire came out with a couple of corkers.

Following the Drogba/Lehmann handbags-at-ten-paces effort, Claire concluded that both of them had been booked for diving around like children rather than for the off-the-ball "challenges" they had put in on each other.

At the end of the game I launched into a diatribe about how I would controversially now prefer Manchester United to win the title rather than Chelsea. "At least they keep winning stuff because of their historic supine glory-hunting large fanbase and because they get easy reffing, rather than Chelsea who have just bought it" I said. Apparently I said it in such an enraged colloquial London way that Claire accused me of being like a "cockney Godzilla" unleashed on Salzburg.

I couldn't help but be wound up at the end of the match, particularly by the sight of Cashley Cole swapping his Chelsea shirt for an Arsenal one. Don't forget, he could have had his very own Arsenal shirt if he hadn't considered earning 55,000 GBP a week an insult.

But Claire's finest hour, and probably my lowest, was after Arsenal had taken the lead. After my cheering and shouting had subsided, Claire wryly observed 'The final "F#&$ Chelsea!" was probably uneccessary'.

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