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December 07, 2006

Our big night out at XfM's First Friday

Before, when we've been out dancing in Islington, we've always gone to The Garage on a Saturday night, but on our recent trip to the UK we tried the Islington Academy for XfM's First Friday. The Garage always seems to be more full of people our age and real indie kids, but the XfM night was more like being surrounded by indie "poser" kids.

We really were a bit surprised by the make-up of the crowd. We were kind of expecting a negative miserable indie-kid vibe, but actually quite a lot of the guys at least just seemed to be the regular youths from around Islington. It wasn't anywhere near as dark and chilled as dancing at The Garage, it was more like young and impressionable people trying to be cool, and at times the mood was a little bit aggresive.

One novelty we liked was the "Punk Rock Karaoke". In the smaller room people could get up on stage and perform late 70s and early 80s classics with a live band backing them. Various tracks by The Jam, Blondie and more recent tunes by bands like The White Stripes were massacred to varying degrees.

Having been out of the country for just about a year, our knowledge of modern beat combos isn't quite what it once was - so a lot of the tunes passed us by somewhat. When they played "Common People" by Pulp, followed by The Breeders, our group got very excited - thinking it was the start of a long 90s indie nostalgia stint. However, after those two tracks it soon returned to a steady diet of stuff that sort of sounded like the kind of things we listened to as youngsters, but wasn't quite as good.

Xfm It was also quite sad to watch a new generation making the same mistakes as my generation. Whilst waiting at the bar I saw a young lass becoming completely entranced by some lad, and I just wanted to shout out "You are cute, and could do so much better than this spotty oik with a fag behind his ear who thinks he is trying to be Pete Doherty". Which reminds me, being at the club delivered scientific proof that The Libertines and Babyshambles are over-rated, and that we're right, and everybody else in the building was wrong on this issue.

Being old we didn't stay until the bitter end, but we did at least have to get a night bus home, which was some sort of moral victory for us oldies. My sister delivered a triumphant verdict as we left - "I didn't enjoy clubbing when I was 18. I don't know why on earth I thought I'd enjoy it at 32".

When we discussed it the next day with J. & V. we couldn't help but comment on how young, tall, and spotty the kids all looked.

Rest assured that at the same time someone, somewhere on MSN or MySpace was moaning that their night out had been rubbish because not only didn't they pull, but the club was also full of short, old people, who didn't even know the words to the songs.

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An aggressive modd? They obviously weren't playing enough Secret Affair ;)

Sorry to hear that it wasn't that great. If it makes you feel any better, the indian play that kept us from joining you was rubbish. We would've left at the interval but since there were only about 20 people there, we felt we owed it to the cast (which was actually only one woman) to stick it out to the end.

Oh, it isn't that we didn't have a great time - we had a real laugh. It is just we didn't get to do as much dancing as we would have wished.

One particularly frightening bit was that one of the few old tracks they played was that Reef 'Raise your hands' abomination, and the kids went mad for it like it was one of the greatest recorded anthems of all time. I was utterly, utterly dismayed.

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