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December 09, 2006

"Mac Monkey" without a mac

In my line of work we have a nickname "Mac Monkey". It usually refers to the most junior designer in a team, the one who gets all of the boring jobs that just have to be cranked out in Photoshop using no creative skill or imagination whatsoever. These jobs are usually issued by a humourless producer / project manager / senior manager, and almost always have to have been done five minutes ago.

In one of those turns of events where people can gloat at the misfortune of someone else - if only there was a word for that in the German language - I spent a considerable proportion of last week as the office "Mac Monkey".

This was hilarious because:

  • I don't have a Mac - although my work issue laptop is pretty spiffing in its own sexy Sony Vaio way
  • I'm not anywhere near being a web graphic designer - I mean have you seen the way currybetdotnet looks?

and most importantly

  • It was without a doubt karmic retribution for some five years spent at the BBC asking people "Can you just move that button five pixels to the left" / "No, we've changed our mind about the colour now" / "Ideally? Yesterday." / "Sorry, didn't I mention that the image has to be 187 pixels wide exactly? - [stunned silence] - No, didn't I? Really?"

In other monkey related news, one of my favourite blogs at the moment is Chimp Media Monitoring
- the chimp in question specialises in slagging off bad advertising, and claims that he runs the world "from the basement of an advertising agency while flicking through my dirty giraffe picture collection". Class.

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Hey, thanks for the nice words! If you see any nice long-necked herbivorous mammals on your wanders, send us a pic.

Hmm, I recognise that role worryingly too much....

>> Hmm, I recognise that role worryingly too much....

What, the "Mac monkey" role, or the flicking through giraffe themed bongo mags?

Just be grateful you've actually GOT a mac. Try doing monkey work on a knackered Dell computer with the processing power of a VIC 20 ;(

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