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December 24, 2006

Christmas in München

Ourmunichroom We arrived in Munich just after 8pm on Friday night. The train from Salzburg takes about two hours, and the one we caught was a double-decker train. We didn't get to sit upstairs though. We found Munich a little bit overwhelming at first. It is easy to forget how safe, white and middle-class Salzburg is. Munich Hauptbahnhof was like any other major railway station in Europe - hustlng, bustling, and full of peoples of all types of races, creeds, colours, and punks and the homeless which you rarely see in Salzburg. Hauptbahnhof is also massive - I think the historical centre of Salzburg could have been fitted into the station alone.

We found our hotel easily enough. We are staying in the south-east of the city, on the U2 line. Our room is more like an apartment than a mere room. We have a bathroom (with bath), a lobbey area with a kitchenette, an office area, a sofa area, and the bedroom part. After the last couple of months in our single room, if we had a cat to swing around, I don't think we would have tired yet of swinging it round, just to prove how spacious the room we have this weekend is.

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