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December 26, 2006

A kebab for Christmas dinner?

For our Christmas lunch we had some cold sliced roast turkey and cheese on bread in our room. Our main meal was to be at the Taverna Lithos, just near the Silberhornstrasse stop on the U2 line in Munich. We had spotted this Greek restaurant on our walk around the local area the previous day, and so if we couldn't actually spend Christmas in Greece, we could at least get Greek food.

It was a nice little place, with genuine Greek staff, and the other diners appeared to be Greek ex-pats. Although they didn't have any imported Greek beer, the soundtrack was pure contemporary Greek pop, so it felt like being back in Crete.

Well, apart from it being -1°C outside, obviously.

And although it had never been one of my stated life's ambitions to eat a kebab for Christmas dinner, faced with a menu that featured authentic gyros, I could do little to resist...


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