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November 29, 2006

YouTube gets us into trouble at Kaiserhof

Last Friday for a treat we got a room in the Kaiserhof for the night. It was nice to be able to have dinner there and just roll upstairs, and to have wifi access, a substantial breakfast, a bath, and a TV that would support the PlayStation into the bargain.

After dinner we were using the laptop downstairs, and I started showing Claire a couple of videos. We watched Kramer from Seinfields astonishing racist outburst, we watched what really happened after the Death Star was destroyed, we watched the antics of the annoying devil character from 'Balls of Steel', and we watched a lunatic child going ballistic at a computer game. Our couple of "must see" favourites were a brilliant spoof of David Blaine's street magic, and this video footage of a road accident that appears to have been caused by a ghostly apparition.

And boy, was I delighted to discover on YouTube the awesome rant from John Sitton captured on a documentary about Leyton Orient. I was at the match where this happened, and inexplicably Terry Howard didn't appear for the second half. The language in this is strictly not-safe-for-work ;-)

And all of this was great fun until the main man at the Kaiserhof came up to us and said "Excuse me, are you using YouTube, because already you have downloaded 100Mb...". We rather sheepishly stopped watching TV on the laptop, not least of which because by the time they had noticed and were complaining about our bandwidth usage, we were just looking at random clips of cute puppies.

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