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November 26, 2006

Sie sprechen Griechen?

Wednesday night was a bit of an international night for us in Salzburg. Claire met me from work and we got the bus into town, and then made our way to the Winterlounge. This is an open-air bar which specialises in that stomach warmer - winter-glühwein. We had visited it on the day it opened, when the glüwein was on a €1 a cup special offer, but even at the full price of €2.50 it was nice to start the evening with a warm drink.


The Winterlounge is set up right next to Salzburg's open-air ice rink in Mozartplatz, which appears to be called, suprisingly enough, Mozarteis. There is a webcam set up on one of the buildings opposite, so you can watch the skating antics from the comfort of your warm home, without the risk of falling over.


After our Austrian taster to start the evening, we next went to a tapas bar, Casa Miguel, in the side-streets near Mozartplatz. It had a really nice atmosphere, playing music that was more ambienty-Enigma type stuff rather than Spanish, but it had traditional Spanish bull-fighting decor. It wasn't very busy, even though there were flyers advertising that this was one of their special fiesta days with the promise of a DJ later in the evening. Perhaps the prices put people off. Although we liked it, the bill would deter us from visiting again. We had two bottles of San Miguel, and a dish of cold tapas which consisted of 6 olives, a cheese stuffed small piquant pepper and a small sardine stuffed pepper, three prawns, and two mushrooms. For that we ending up paying the princely sum of €13.70!


We left there in quest of our dinner, and the third European nationality of the night - yes, we have found Salzburg's Greek restaurant - Santorini Cafe Bistro. I've mentioned that we were feeling a bit homesick, so what better way to combat that but dining out in the style we had become used to in the summer. They even had Mythos beer on import! We had a mix which included halumi, and a couple of different types of meat kebab, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The music playing included some of the popular traditional Greek songs that we know by ear, and we were not even put off by the canoodling couple next to us who appeared to have an age gap between them of at least 30 years. We also impressed the staff with our Greek - "Sie sprechen Griechen?" he spluttered in response to our first "Efheristo poli".


Finally, after our dinner we had half hour to kill before the last bus of the night, and so we ducked into Salzburg's fourth Irish pub, for our fourth national drink of the night. The name escapes me, but it is the only Irish pub we were yet to visit. It had both Chelsea and Liverpool's Champions Greed matches on two different TVs, which was a plus point, but as a minus I had to get some bottled beer concoction as the barman said all the draught lager was off. Which didn't seem to stop them serving draught beer to customers who came after me - perhaps he just didn't like my coniving English ways! Claire was worse off mind you, she got a Sprite from a tap which didn't seem to have any gas, or indeed the correct proportions of ingredients. Despite the drink fiasco the pub had a good atmosphere and I can imagine us returning. By the time I was cheering along with the German fans against Chelsea it was altogether quite a cosmopolitan evening.

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Did they give you a carving knife for your olives? ;)

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