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November 10, 2006

Not getting the Linz City Express

Linzyellowtrain We had planned the finale of our day to be a trip on the Linz City Express or Stadtrundfahrt. This little yellow road-hogging "choo-choo" takes you on a 25 minute tour of the city, which would have taken in all the bits we hadn't got around to seeing.

After a drink at the cafe at the Lentos Kunstmuseum we dashed to Hauptplaz to catch the 17:00 penultimate ride of the day.

Well, it would was the penultimate ride according to our ticket-book, but when we got there the driver was just packing away.

"9:30 tomorrow" he said.

"Oh, but we leave Linz tomorrow", said Claire, with her best doe-eyed face.

127815241_0b7cb3d9cd_mNothing doing. Despite the timetable at the train stand saying that it was due to run at 17:00 and 18:00 - with an additional run at 17:30 if there were too many people - our man was going home.

So the little yellow train pulled away without us.

The irony in all this is that depite the proliferation of this kind of tourist train in Crete, I've yet to manage to get on one this year - not even the one that patrols Hania harbour.

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