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November 13, 2006

Lunch at the Mozart Cafe

On the Saturday afternoon my parents were in Salzburg we "enjoyed" a slightly curious lunch in the tourist trap Mozart Cafe. We were having quite a bit of trouble finding somewhere that would serve food that coped with all the various taste foibles between us, and so defaulted to there. Our waitress was terrifyingly efficient and scary, and my dad ordered a carbonara whilst I had a goulash. Mum and Claire meanwhile ordered "noodles" with ham.

Well, we nearly burst out laughing when the food arrived. Mum and Claire's "noodles with ham" was basically the same as the carbonara, just without any sauce. Even with the addition of the parmesan they struggled through a dish of cooked, but effectively dry pasta. My goulash likewise came accompanied with sauceless pasta rather than the potatoes or dumplings I had kind of expected.

The funniest thing about the Mozart Cafe was that apart from the name, inside there was no trace of the ubiquitous Salzburg composer. There was no music playing, and no pictures of him or decorations along a musical theme at all.

We also had a laugh when the main waiter latched on to Claire's very slight southern hemisphere twang and asked if she was American. He ended up having a long discussion with Claire about South Africa and South African wine whilst the rest of us tried hard not to collapse into the giggles.

"I understand that people in the UK are drinking more wine and cider now", he said with an air of authority, "and that they say that beer sales are down."

"Yes", I interjected, "but that is just because I left the country"

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